Ident for 3DSense Media School (Assignment)
Role : Designer, 3D modeling, Animator 
An ident for a school. DMG stands for Diploma in Motion Graphics.

Concept : Factory

The main elements in the ident are factory, and lightbulbs.
Factory represents work in progress or in production.
Lightbulbs represent ideas.

Alphabet D (wide shot)
The ident starts off with plain unlit lightbulbs going into the alphabet D, portrays the students' ideas going
 through a process of nurturing and improving.

Alphabet M (wide shot)
The lightbulbs then goes into the alphabet M, portrays the ideas being filtered. Good ideas (colored lightbulbs)
 are hanged and brought forward while bad ideas (black dust) are being thrown away.

Alphabet G (close up)
Good lightbulbs truning into lamps, portraying how students' ideas turn into products.

DMG (wide shot)
Shows the whole process of how the school(DMG) help students nurture and improve their ideas and
 then turning them into a masterpiece.

Below are the screenshots from the ident
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